Twitch star from Borussia Dortmund (18) has to go to the army: “I’ll be called up soon”

Twitch star Eldos with Bunswehr helmet

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

A BVB e-sportsman will soon have to exchange his controller for a uniform. Because the 18-year-old is waiting to be called up by the army.

Austria – Twitch star Eldin “Eldos” Todorovac, 18, is expected to be drafted into the army soon. The BVB e-sportsman drops this at least incidentally during a FIFA 23 match with a colleague. Although the corresponding letter is supposed to arrive soon, Eldos still seems very relaxed, but his friend can’t believe it.

Full name Eldin Todorovac
Known as Eldos
association BVB
Followers Twitch 267.127
Followers Instagram 123,000

Twitch star has to go to the army soon – friend is stunned: “You are fresh meat”

That happened: During a FIFA game with fellow streamer Niklas Wilson, Austrian Eldos reveals his future plans. And one thing seems certain, after school, the young streamer can’t just focus on his esports career “You have to do army or civilian service with us”.

However, Niklas cannot imagine his FIFA friend in the army and is completely stunned: “You are fresh meat in the Bundeswehr”. It doesn’t have to come to that, however, because the FIFA professional could do nine months of civilian service instead of spending six months in the army. However, Eldos himself does not yet know exactly what he will decide on “I’m not sure”, it says in the conversation.

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This is the situation in Germany: In Austria, conscription continues to apply to all male Austrian citizens over the age of 18, and this will soon also affect Eldos. “I’ll be called up sometime soon. […] 2004s are going to be I think now”. If you are afraid that you will soon find a corresponding letter in your mailbox, you can breathe a sigh of relief, at least if you live in Germany. Because here, conscription was already suspended in 2011 and the Bundeswehr became a voluntary army.

Called up by the army – Eldo’s brother was “shaved like that”

Here’s how his brother felt: Eldo’s big brother, who also acts as his mentor at the same time, has already completed his time in the army. And as the e-sportsman suggests, things didn’t always go smoothly there “Ermin was in the army, he was shaved like that”. Apparently, Ermin also experienced some wild stories during his military service, but we don’t get any details “What he has told me everything, too blatant”.

Twitch star from Borussia Dortmund has to go to the army: “will be drafted soon” © Instagram/Eldos/unsplash/pixabay (Montage)

But regardless of whether Eldos wants to or not, he will probably soon have to start his military service or do some community service. When the time will really come and what the streamer will decide on is still in the stars. But who knows, maybe his aim at FIFA will also give him an advantage at the shooting range. If you want to improve your own FIFA skills, you can check out our guide to the best tactics in FIFA 23.

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