Undecember: Lost Ark competitor starts with pretty bad reviews

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If you weren’t entirely satisfied with Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark and were therefore browsing for a similar game, you may have stumbled across an action RPG called Undecember. At first glance, the game certainly looked quite interesting, even knowing that this is just the PC port of a mobile title. Unfortunately, on October 12th of this year, when Undecember was officially released on Steam, that anticipation quickly turned to pure frustration for many players.

Undecember cash shop has ruined the game for many users

On Steam About 3,200 user reviews have been written for Undecember. A total of 63 percent of these are negative. The action RPG may not have made the best impression, although some users say the overall gameplay is actually quite fun. A large part of the problem with Undecember seems to be the in-game shop and general monetization.

Pretty much every single item in the shop is said to be pretty overpriced, such as the quite useful inventory expansions, and there’s probably quite a bit of pay-to-win as well. Players are talking about a pure “cash grab,” which, by the way, was also used to describe the recently released Torchlight: Infinite. In addition, according to one user, the free pet also leaves a lot to be desired, since it sometimes does not collect the entire loot compared to the premium variants.

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