Why you shouldn’t use your consoles for video streaming with Netflix and Co

Why you shouldn't use your consoles for video streaming with Netflix and Co

Those who use streaming services should better refrain from using the respective apps that are available on consoles.

With energy prices soaring, it’s worth taking a look at how you stream your video content. Because that sometimes makes a clear difference.

How much more power do consoles use?

Of course, when it comes to gaming, consoles are a great way to do it. So it’s tempting to just fire up the Disney+ app or whatever on the console and stream after the gaming session.

An analysis of Flat PanelsHD shows that the PlayStation 5 consumes up to 25 times more power than a Chromecast when streaming video, and the Xbox Series up to 18 times more.

More on the subject:

In concrete terms, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consume up to 80W and 57W respectively when streaming, compared to just 3.2W on a Chromecast or 4W on an Apple TV.

In addition, you even have poorer quality on consoles. HDR is often enforced on video output, regardless of whether the content supports it. Likewise, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S do not offer frame rate matching, which can lead to stuttering.

But if not for quality reasons, then for the sake of your money you should consider whether you really want to use video streaming on consoles. Depending on how much you stream, this can make a significant difference.


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