Windows 11: Microsoft shows unusual floating taskbar

Windows 11: Microsoft shows unusual floating taskbar

from Oliver Jaeger
During the Microsoft Ignite keynote, CEO Satya Nadella demonstrated a floating taskbar for Windows 11 on a Surface Studio device, complete with widgets and icons appearing at the top of the screen. This could be a concept UI, possibly intended for touch devices.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella recently surprised at the Ignite keynote with an unusual feature for Windows 11. Resourceful users on Twitter noticed that one of the Surface devices shown showed a floating taskbar at the bottom of the screen and widgets and icons at the top of the screen appeared.

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It looks like this could be a concept UI that could do quite well on touch devices, since it was finally shown on a Surface Studio device. Microsoft is said to be working on individual customization options for the Surface Studio 2 Plus, which change the size of the icons in the taskbar as soon as the display is moved.

Floating taskbar in Windows 11 just a bug?

At the beginning of August, Windows 11 testers already came across such a rounded and floating taskbar, like a thread on the Windows 11 subreddit proves Upon request from Microsoft replied Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager for the company: “There are some bugs like this that change the UI in different ways. It’s not something we do any A/B testing for.”

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This year, Microsoft is said to have tested some experimental features for Windows 11, which could include the floating taskbar shown in the keynote. Of these, only a few are expected to be rolled out as part of Windows 11 updates. The floating taskbar can therefore only be a concept that is ultimately not implemented. It is still surprising that such a feature can still be seen in an official keynote from Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft via The Verge