WoW WotLK Classic: New deadly gladiator tabard available

WoW: Cataclysm Timewalking Event

from Susan Brown
Anyone who is self-respecting in the online role-playing game WoW will dress up their character properly, and it is no different in WoW WotLK Classic. Now that other items have been added to the game that weren’t in the original Wrath of the Lich King, as a deadly gladiator you can now earn a tabard to show off your achievements in the arena.

Self-reliant online roleplaying heroes don’t just make sure their jewel sockets are properly groomed and filled in, that enchantments are applied to gear, and that they have a decent stack of essential consumables in their bag. No, they make sure that their hero looks good; the eye plays along! This is in WoW on the live servers and not much different than on the realms of WoW WotLK Classic.

And should you want to show off your arena achievements on these Classic servers, you now have a new item to do so: a tabard that has never been seen before! After the developers of Blizzard PvP armor a few days ago, mainly relicsadded to the game, which were intended in the original WotLK but were never implemented, this time there’s a visual treat.

Tabard for deadly gladiators

community managers Kaivax shares on the official WoW forums that you can now get the tabard in WotLK Classic – under certain conditions, of course. “Today we added a Deadly Gladiator tabard to Wrath Classic. It will only be available during Arena Season 5 (the current season)” explains Kaivax, also providing details on pricing and more.

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