Xbox Showcase on Accessibility: This is how Microsoft wants to help developer studios make games more accessible

Among other things, Microsoft has already done a lot for more accessibility and accessibility with the Adaptive Controller.

Among other things, Microsoft has already done a lot for more accessibility and accessibility with the Adaptive Controller.

Microsoft continues to be committed to accessibility in gaming. There’s now a full showcase that’s all about how our hobby can become more inclusive for 40 minutes. Among other things, development studios should be helped to focus more on accessibility by working with people with disabilities.

Xbox Showcase focuses on accessibility: This is planned

The showcase is pleasingly inclusive right from the start: Phil Spencer doesn’t just talk about the topics, but apparently thought along with them. The Xbox boss first describes that he is a white man with brown hair and wears a hoodie and a t-shirt. Something like this is completely missing in other showcases, but it is a simple and sensible step to take people with you who would otherwise be left out.

That’s exactly how it goes. There is three major pillars and a thoughtthat underlies the whole thing. This can be roughly summarized as follows.

  • What is particularly important for accessible gaming?
  • Offer for developers: accessibility test service and guidelines
  • Xbox Ambassador Accessibility Explorer Path: The so-called Xbox Ambassadors can learn more about accessibility using the new Accessibility Explorer Path. Complete with seasonal missions!
  • Redesigned accessibility support hub

What is particularly important for accessible gaming?

Microsoft has both the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League (XAIL) as well as the community of Xbox Ambassadors asks how gaming can become even more inclusive in the future and focus on more accessibility. This is what came out:

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“Accessibility options must play an important role at all times and must be continuously developed – alongside setting options for text, subtitles and difficulty.

It is particularly important to involve players with disabilities in the development as participants and audiences.

Accessibility options should be standardized and integrated into communications about new titles to make them easier to find for those interested.”

(via: Xbox Wire)

Here you can see the full showcase:

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Test service and guidelines for developer studios

Microsoft offers development studios the opportunity to work with people with disabilities during the development of their titles. You can then check the games for possible pitfalls as early as possible and help to take accessibility into account from the start.

More on the subject:

Additionally were accessibility guidelines developed for controlling titles with touchscreen controls. These are so-called Best Practive examples with “recommendations on the size and placement of controls, the sensitivity of swipe gestures and the importance of considering mobile, native input functions”.

What do you think of the showcase? What else do you wish for?