PC Games 11/22: With part 2 of the magazine archive + Gotham Knights

PC Games 11/22: With part 2 of the magazine archive + Gotham Knights

After the celebration, the game autumn is over – while last month we were very busy with our 30th anniversary, the annual autumn releases are now really picking up speed. But we can’t quite get away from our celebration in this (and the next) issue, because: Part 2 of the PDF issue archive on the DVD is of course pending. In this extended edition you will therefore find the years 2002-2009 on the first disc. And: Since there was a lack of space in the jam-packed anniversary issue last month, we are of course also catching up on our “Ten years ago” section for the 10th edition. This time it’s called 10.8 years ago – okay too.

But let’s get to more topical issues: business trips. After the last two corona-stricken autumns, they were again in focus. For our cover story, for example, we visited the developers at Warner Bros. Montréal in … well, Montréal, exclusively for the German-speaking region. There we were able to play extensively in Gotham Knights before the release at the end of October and pepper the developers with questions, some of which even had answers! You can read our impressions of the superhero RPG from page 10 onwards.

Meanwhile, Dead Space went to London – the long-awaited remake of the horror classic is due out early next year. In an extensive hands-on session, we were able to convince ourselves that the game hasn’t lost any of its scary and disgusting factor and could once again become a horror milestone. There were also tangible gameplay impressions this month for Square Enix’s open-world RPG Forspoken, but the first detailed information on the just announced Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which wants to return to the roots of the series.

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Of course, Return to Monkey Island towers above everything else in the tests – simply because fans of the franchise had to wait a good 30 years for Ron Gilbert to finally take them back to the pirate island himself. You can read in Felix’ detailed test whether the result was more than a nostalgia trip. We also take a close look at the surprisingly great rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger in the test area, and of course the same applies to FIFA 23 – here we check whether the last part of the series from EA can keep the full-bodied promises. But enough of the many words: Have fun reading!

These topics await you in PC Games 11/22:

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