Ratings of 1. FC Bayern Munich – That’s how strong the players are

Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr pose for FIFA 23

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Of: Josh Grossman

FIFA 23: Ratings of 1. FC Bayern Munich – The players are so strong © EA Sports

The ratings of Bayern Munich in FIFA 23 are already known. A leak reveals how strong the Bundesliga top players are – here are the ratings.

Vancouver, Canada – At the end of August, there was a bug at EA that allowed a number of players to access FIFA 23 early. The ratings of pretty much all players have been made public. The fans were able to try out a two-hour test version and thus provided the probably final ratings of FIFA 23. The ratings of the FC Bayern Munich players are therefore also known, so that you can already put together your dream squad.

ingame.de reveals the ratings of Bayern Munich in FIFA 23 and takes a closer look at the leak.

EA was actually in the middle of the promotional phase for FIFA 23, but a mistake of their own thwarted their plans. All EA Play subscribers had access to FIFA 23 a full month before release, so a huge wave of leaks about the game is now following. The developer himself says that nothing in this version of the game is final – but one can only assume damage limitation with this statement.


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