“The Chant”: The dark side of esotericism

"The Chant": The dark side of esotericism

Publisher Prime Matter and Canadian developer Brass Token have released a first gameplay trailer for their psychedelic horror game The Chant. From November 3rd, this gamer on PC, PlayStation and Xbox should teach the creeps.

The Chant is set in a spiritual retreat located on a remote island. After a shared singing ritual goes horribly wrong, a portal to the nightmare dimension “The Gloom” opens. For protagonist Jess, this begins a struggle for survival against a variety of horrors unleashed by the ritual. The gameplay video shows how the title combines survival, action, and exploration mechanics “to create a unique cosmic horror experience.” Publisher Prime Matter: “As we take you through different areas of Glory Island, you’ll discover how the mind-body-spirit system affects both momentary action and story development.”


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