New MMORPG reminiscent of WoW – shows us exclusively the first pictures from the alpha

New MMORPG reminiscent of WoW - Shows first mounts and organizes alpha test in October

Scars of Honor is a new MMORPG that is very reminiscent of WoW. It focuses on story, quests and the fight between two factions. An alpha is currently running with an NDA on it – so nothing can be shown. However, we at MeinMMO have received exclusive pictures.

What kind of game is this? Scars of Honor will be a classic tab-targeted MMORPG. At the start you can choose from eight different races, four of which play on the side of the “Sacred Order” (blue) while the other four races belong to the “Domination” (red).

  • You create a character where you can choose from 10 different classes and different races such as humans, dwarves, orcs and undead.
  • You level this character from level 1 to level 50.
  • Already in the leveling process there should be dungeons that should scale with you. In the endgame, the dungeons and especially the raids should play an important role.
  • There’s crafting and player housing.
  • PvP exists in the open world between the two factions. Arena PvP and guild battles are also planned.
  • The community should have a say in the development.

Scars of Honor is to be a Free2Play MMORPG that is financed through a shop. However, the developers emphasize that this will remain free of playful advantages, such as additional bank or inventory space and, above all, free of Pay2Win.

Where is the game currently? An alpha test is currently taking place, in which only people who have supported the game with money can participate. However, this test is subject to a non-disclosure agreement, so that no content may be shown.

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However, we got a bunch of pictures exclusively in Europe. On these you can see the starting area for the humans, the undead, the crafting and the quest interface. The images are all from an early stage of the game.

Princess uses dark magic and betrays her kingdom

What do we know about the background of the game? In line with the new alpha test, the developers have also shared a video about the Scars of Honor lore background. The focus is on a princess who lost herself in dark magic and was long lost.

Over time, she turned into an undead, but the demons gave her an amulet with which she could deceive people’s eyes and transform into one of their own. So she was made the rightful ruler.

She sent away all her doubters and best warriors and then took the city with her undead. The people, in turn, had to look for a new home.

You can watch the Lore video here:

Scars of Honor – Nepherimas & The Shapeshifter

WoW as a Free2Play MMORPG?

What makes the game interesting? Basically, Scars of Honor does not promise a revolution in MMORPGs. However, the focus should be clearly on group content and bring the “old feeling”.

Another important aspect is the participation of the community. For example, the players demanded open PvP, which wasn’t actually their plan at first. Now, however, the two factions can also fight in the areas, as is the case on PvP servers in WoW.

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In addition, Scars of Honor does not have a subscription model, which makes it interesting for players who want to spend little money.

What do you think of Scars of Honor? Does the basic concept appeal to you or is it too close to World of Warcraft for you? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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