Adriana Chechik is back on Twitch – Says she was pregnant when she broke her back doing PR

Adriana Chechik is back on Twitch - Says she was pregnant when she broke her back doing PR

Streamer Adriana Chechik (30) met at TwitchCon in San Diego on October 9th. fractured her back in two places while jumping into a foam pit from a Lenovo Legion PR attraction. Three weeks later, on October 29th, she is back on Twitch, talking about her surgery and saying: In the hospital she found out that she was pregnant. She couldn’t keep the child.

What happened to Adriana Chechik?

  • At the TwitchCon in San Diego there was an attraction of the company “Lenovo Legion” – two platforms were built over a pit, the bottom of which was covered with foam cubes. The idea: Twitch streamers should hit each other with padded sticks until one falls off the pedestal into the pit.
  • Streamer Adriana Chechik won her fight, jumping into the foam pit in triumph. She broke her back in two places and had to go to the hospital.
  • The attraction was subsequently closed for safety reasons. It turned out that the pit was only covered with a thin layer of foam cubes. At one point, the pit was reportedly less than two feet deep. Twitch and the promoters have been harshly criticized, including by Chechik herself, who said casters were asked to jump into the pit butt first.

Twitch streamer breaks her back in 2 places during PR campaign – blames company at TwitchCon

Didn’t find out about the pregnancy until she was in the hospital

This is what the streamer says now: In a Twitch stream from 29.10. Chechik says she found out in the hospital that she was pregnant at the time of the fall:

I don’t care if everyone knows now, but I was pregnant. And I didn’t find out until I was in the hospital. So I was totally under crazy hormones. But now I’m not pregnant anymore because of the surgery. I couldn’t keep it.

She doesn’t say much more about the pregnancy, emphasizing above all that her hormones “shot through the roof”.

Then she deals with the flare-ups of pain that she now has regularly and how she should deal with them. It is then important to pay attention to your breathing, someone will also come to calm you down, that will help.

She says she can’t take pills all the time because her mother became addicted to oxycodone after a car accident. You have to regulate yourself strictly

Last night at 5am they had a panic attack, took oxycodone for the first time and immediately felt healed and wanted to start a workout. That is “good stuff” – but everyone rightly warns against it.

Oxycodone is definitely very nice, but I only have 10 and can only take one pill when I’m in immense pain. I can’t take it every day – even my mother was addicted to pills. But that’s normal, I freak out in pain twice a day, that’s okay.

Streamer had top doctors in a special clinic, only wanted to keep a small scar

how is she now The streamer says she’s still suffering from the aftermath of the surgery. It’s difficult for her to breathe. She is constantly out of breath. Just holding the phone is enough to exhaust her.

The 30-year-old says she was taken to a trauma center where one of the best neurosurgery teams operated: she had a team of 8 doctors taking care of her.

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Chechik was in the hospital for 4 days before the surgery: Doctors are preparing for the surgery to avoid nerve damage and other complications that couldn’t be seen immediately on a CT or MRI scan, Chechik tells viewers.

Your 6-hour stream on October 29th. saw an average of 2,800 people. She played the survival game SCUM. Two clips from the stream, which we embed for you on MeinMMO, have already reached 218,000 and 131,000 views.

What was important to the streamer? The streamer says it was particularly important to her that she doesn’t leave a huge scar behind because she works as a model. So she asked the doctors if she could hide the surgical scars well.

She is now satisfied with the scar.

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These are the reactions: Many fans express their condolences to the streamer. But they are also surprised at how quickly she is back. Many say back injuries are life-changing. Many are also impressed by the work of the doctors.

A reddit user says he’s left with a much worse scar from a much more benign surgical procedure. Some users on reddit want Chechik to sue Twitch and the operators of the attraction.

In August 2022, before the accident, we reported about Adriana Chechik in connection with Fortnite:

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