Between Horizons: Story-Adventure presented for the first time – News

Between Horizons: Story-Adventure presented for the first time - News

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As part of the MIX Next Showcases 2022 developer DigiTales Interactive and publisher Assemble Entertainment have one for the first time trailers their new story adventure Between Horizons presents. The game is presented in 2.5D pixel art style and relies on a story-driven detective setting, in which your decisions should have an impact on the further course of the game. Already with her previous title Lacuna the German developers have proven that they have succeeded in this project and that they can tell gripping stories: the Reviews on Steam are “very positive”.

In Between Horizons you slip into the role of Stella and find yourself on board a spaceship which is on its way to a distant star. Stella works as security chief and your task will be to uncover a conspiracy and prevent it from escalating and ruining your mission.

The game is scheduled to be released in 2023 for both PC and consoles and will offer German texts as well as German soundtracks.

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