CoD: Modern Warfare 2 – Ping system disabled after “wallhack” issues

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 - Ping system disabled after "wallhack" issues

from Michael Miskulin
For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there were initial reports that a ping bug during the death screen could allow for a kind of wallhack. Developer Infinity Ward then quietly disabled the ping system.

In CoD: Modern Warfare 2, the ping system has apparently been disabled so that the latest “wallhack” exploit can be brought under control. Only recently have there been reports that a Ping bug on death screen can result in a single player being tracked for the rest of the game – almost like using a wallhack. Now developer Infinity Ward has quietly disabled the ping system.

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Modern Warfare 2: First reports of ping bug

On Reddit, user u/zFStatic reports: “Huge bug: you can ping an enemy during the death screen and the ping will linger for the whole game, allowing you to track that one player for the rest of the game.” Another user agrees, “I swear I’ve noticed people chasing me through walls, but I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ so I dismissed it as a coincidence. This needs to be fixed ASAP or it will spread it turns out.”

“I thought I was going crazy,” says another. “The assholes always prefer the exact corner I’m hiding in, but they don’t bother checking any corner as they run right up to me.” There was initially no official announcement from developer Infinity Ward that the ping system has been disabled or when it will be reinstated, but for now it seems the ping system is only available in private matches.

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Source: Reddit