CoD Modern Warfare 2: Why the ping system was removed

Infinity Ward have temporarily disabled the ping system.

Infinity Ward have temporarily disabled the ping system.

After the campaign, the multiplayer of Call of Duty Moden Warfare 2 also started last Friday, which, how could it be otherwise, comes with one or the other problem at the start. You can find out exactly what these are and how the servers are currently available in our live ticker. The ping system, with which you mark your opponent and which has now been temporarily deactivated due to a bug, also joins the series of minor and major shortcomings.

Reason for disabling the ping system: Due to a bug, the ping continued for the entire game even after the death of the marked player. Your opponent was punished with a kind of wallhack that makes him visible to you at all times.

Infinity Ward removes feature from the game

Meanwhile, there is no statement from the developers of Infinity Ward that the ping system was removed in this broken state, but it is necessary. Especially if you look at the episodes like here in the clip:

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The bug was triggered after an eliminated player was pinged during the death screen. The marker remained on respawn. It is still unclear when the ping system will return fixed.

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Not the only problem: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is anything but flawless at launch. Just yesterday, the fine-tuning of the weapon attachments was removed from the game after the first-person shooter regularly crashed with five equipped extensions. Tip: If you still have tuned attachments equipped, then you must deselect the weapon and add it to your loadout again.

When the multiplayer was released, there were also crashes when players wanted to form a group to gamble comfortably. Infinity Ward has already fixed this flaw via update:

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Our final rating for Modern Warfare 2 is still pending, as we obviously want to test the shooter under live multiplayer conditions. However, colleague Tobi has already played through the campaign and reveals why the story sometimes feels a bit like chewing gum.

What problems are you struggling with in multiplayer or is the game running smoothly for you?