CoD MW2 Intense Gameplay Clip Shows How Powerful Sniper Weapons Are – “OMG I Love It”

CoD MW2 Intense Gameplay Clip Shows How Powerful Sniper Weapons Are - "OMG I Love It"

The first days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are characterized by weapon leveling and the search for the first meta weapons. Shortly after the release, the sniper weapons, among other things, stand out and a gameplay clip shows how violently you can riot across the maps with them.

If you let your killcam run from time to time, you should see sniper weapons there regularly, which shoot you away with a well-aimed shot. That could happen more often in the near future, because Sniper are probably extremely strong this year.

A new clip on Twitter from Georgian FaZe player Testyment shows what you can do with the ranged weapons in Modern Warfare 2. But see for yourself:

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Testyment is known for its superior sniperplay. But it is also clear: the shooters have to create a foundation to enable such violent gameplay scenes.

In the release weekend, such one-shot kills often appear in the killcams. If you’ve always wanted to play sniper yourself, but unfortunately it was too exhausting for you, then you should think about it this year: According to initial assessments, Quickscope is stronger than it has been for a long time.

CoD MW2: Quick Quickscope Guide

On MeinMMO we will publish a guide for quick scopes in a timely manner. We already list a few quick tips and a weapon with setup here:

  • To fire, just aim briefly and pull the trigger.
  • Aim for the upper part of the torso – they don’t have to be headshots.
  • Flank opponents. Run long distances to get behind the enemy squad.
  • Use perks that hide your location.
  • Try your hand at drag scoping – especially with a controller.
  • In MW2, controllers are generally very strong when it comes to quick scopes.
  • Stay cool, don’t be discouraged.
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At account level 8, you unlock the weapon that appears to be best suited for quick scopes shortly after its release: the SP-R 208. Build your setup to ZV speed without compromise. Here is an example setup:

  • CoD MW2: SP-R 208 setup
    • Barrel: 12.5″ carbon barrel
    • Shaft: ZRL T70 pad extension
    • Comb: Aim Assist 406
    • Bolt: FSS ST87 bolt
    • Magazine: 10-round magazine
  • CoD MW2: SP-R 208 setup
    • Barrel: 12.5″ carbon barrel
    • Stock: ZRL T70 Pad Extension
    • Comb: Aim assist 406
    • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt
    • Magazine: 10 round mag

If you want to try your hand at a sight first, exchange the extra ammo for a sight with a maximum magnification of 6x. However, you are fastest without a visor and the SP-R’s Iron Sight is so “clear” that you can fire at enemies even at great distances.

Share your battlefield experiences with us: Which weapon or weapon class would you recommend shortly after release? Do you have a weapon that you would recommend to everyone? Write a comment on the topic.

Modern Warfare 2 offers more customization than ever before with its Armorer. However, that’s not really working right now: you want to build the best weapons in CoD MW2? Doesn’t work – Important feature is currently broken