CoD MW2: The latest Nvidia drivers cause your game to crash on PC – you can do that

CoD MW2: The latest Nvidia drivers cause your game to crash on PC – you can do that

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does not run smoothly on all platforms. While the console players can happily gamble in multiplayer, PC players with an Nvidia graphics card have to fight massive graphics problems. We show you a quick fix.

How can I prevent the crashes on the PC? Note that this is a temporary fix and not an official hotfix. You can do the following things to be able to gamble on your PC with almost no problems:

  • Installs an older driver from Nvidia
    • If you have already downloaded driver version 526.47, the battle is not lost. You can download an older version of the driver yourself from the Nvidia website in order to overwrite the new version.
  • Change your driver version manually
    • If you do not want to download an older version of the driver, you can also change it manually. Go to your device manager and find your graphics card. Then open your graphics card properties and switch to the “Driver” menu item. Now you have to tap on “Previous driver” and have activated the last version of your driver.

Fix for Nvidia 526.47 is already being built

When is an official fix coming? Nvidia itself has not made any prominent statements about the problems, nor has it drawn attention to them. It was the PC team behind CoD, Beenox, who tweeted a warning to players not to download the latest version of the driver:

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As we already reported in our suggested solutions, Beenox announces that players should prefer to switch to the older driver versions.

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The news site “PC gamer” has therefore contacted Nvidia to find out if a hotfix is ​​already in development. According to the feedback from Nvidia: “A bug for this game (CoD: MW2) was listed, in which a hotfix is ​​already being created.”

However, when the hotfix will be released and how big it will be is not yet known. The fact is, however, that with the solutions mentioned you can get into the shooter more relaxed and error-free – this is one of the reasons why there were some problems on Steam.

What problems appear in version 526.47? If you download the latest driver version from Nvidia, you will encounter serious errors. This includes:

  • micro stuttering
  • Textures like walls or bushes disappear for a few seconds
  • The image flickers
  • game crashes

That was all the important information regarding the driver issue with Nvidia. Did we help you? And what are you going to play first now that you’ve fixed your problem? Please leave us a comment!

Not only the Nvidia driver causes problems, but also the weapon smithy in Modern Warfare 2: