Coming soon to Steam: What is the city-builder survival game Oxygen about?

Coming soon to Steam: What is the city-builder survival game Oxygen about?

from Rhonda Bachman
Things get dramatic in the upcoming city building simulation Oxygen: In a post-apocalyptic future, there is hardly any oxygen left on earth. Players must build their cities around an oxygen plant, keeping it running and meeting the needs of their survivors.

From the developer Turquoise Revival Games and the publisher GrabTheGames comes the city building survival game oxygen. The title is slated for release in the first quarter of 2023. In the game, a natural disaster has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Oxygen levels in the air have been dramatically reduced by magmatic gases. Fortunately, before humanity finally came to an end, the oxygen center could be developed, which, however, has to be powered by electricity.

Players battle the dangers of the new nature

But not only the lack of oxygen is a danger for the last inhabitants of the earth. Nature has also changed, confronting the players who must lead the survivors with recurring periods of frost, deadly winds or droughts. Your own settlement must be prepared for the dangers of nature and sufficient supplies of water and food must be built up.

In addition, the environment must be explored and a team sent out to collect useful leftovers. On the occasion, look out for survivors. These can be included in your own settlement and increase your efforts to survive. Of course, as is typical for the genre, research and construction is also carried out.

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While Oxygen’s release date is still a while away, curious users can already download a free version of the title. In the taster version Oxygen: First Breath, 50 days of play can be experienced and a first overview of the upcoming build-up game can be obtained.