Crack combination lock code quickly in Shadows of Rose – Resident Evil 8 DLC

Crack combination lock code quickly in Shadows of Rose - Resident Evil 8 DLC

In Resident Evil 8 – Shadows of Rose we come with Rose Winters into the Beneviento house, which we already know from the main game. But in the DLC, all the puzzles have been changed. And so it’s up to us to solve the new mysteries to eventually help Rose.

Among the puzzles is a combination lockthat we find in House Beneviento. We have to start looking for a solution and that’s why we’re going to tell you in this guide everything you need to know about the Code in House Beneviento to crack.

Solve code in Shadows of Rose DLC

After we die three masks found and used, it continues in the house Beneviento. If we go all the way to the end here, let’s slew to the left from the sewn-up doll into the medicine room. From there we then follow the corridor to finally go into the locked Workspace to get.

in the corridor in front of the study hang a lot of pictures. And under? One hidden messageto open the lock in the study.

The message is: “The cluttered closet, the picture on the bookshelf, the desk overstuffed.”

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The message includes three locations, they refer to the study. Here you will find several numbers that you finally have to enter in the combination lock.

  1. The first number can be found in the cupboard to the right of the combination lock. Just open. It includes the number 02.
  2. The second number can be found on the bookshelf. Take the picture, analyze it and turn it over. This is how you get it number 44.
  3. And then the third number is missing. To do this, stand in the far corner of the desk and look at the floor. the number 66 appears.
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Again, the message is the same as in the bathhouse puzzle decisive. Because it’s not just location information, it gives it straight away order of numbers on.

So the code for the combination lock is: 024466

If you entered the code correctly, the scissorswhich you can use to cut open the teddy.