DCS World 2.8: Dynamic Weather, Better AI, Helloween Sale – News

DCS World 2.8: Dynamic Weather, Better AI, Helloween Sale - News

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Eagle Dynamics did the flight simulation DCS World missed an extensive update with the recently released version 2.8. In addition to numerous bug fixes and improvements to various modules, dynamic weather has now also been added. Whereas the clouds used to be static in the sky, they now move with the wind. According to Eagle Dynamics, it can therefore happen that you take off in bright sunshine and have to charge after your mission in the rain and with poor visibility. The cloud layers are also independent of each other, depending on the wind strength and its direction at the respective altitude. There are also new optical effects such as rainbows or ice halos.

As a further point Eagle Dynamics the AI performed. The artificial pilots have undergone further training in the area of ​​basic fighter maneuvers, which you will notice above all in dogfights. The AI ​​pilots will now try to force you into the fight that is advantageous for them, depending on the aircraft. However, they should also make mistakes and not be invincible.

An additional module was also released with the update. The Italian MB-339 is a single-engine, two-seat trainer and light attack aircraft used by the Italian aerobatic team Frecce Tricolori, among others.

Just in time for Helloween, the sale of the same name will take place in the DCS E-Shop until November 6th, where you can get up to 50% off modules. As expected, there is no discount on Steam. Finally, you can watch moving images from the DCS 2.8 Update Preview.

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