EliasN97 buys his mother her dream house – thanks the community

EliasN97 with his mother in safety vests.  In the background a symbolic image of a dream house.

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Of: Josh Grossman

Twitch streamer EliasN97 proves again that he is a doer and buys his mum her dream home. He would also like to thank his community for this.

Update from 10/26/2022: The positive feedback on Twitter for EliasN97 for buying his mother’s dream house continues. Streamer colleague MckyTV also has appreciative words for Elias and writes: “Be treated from the heart, I can’t imagine what a feeling it must be to make something like this possible for your mother.” User Nico writes like many other fans on Twitter : “Mama-Gella is very lucky to have you as a son. Respect to you Eli and what you have built.”

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 1,070,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,300,000 (as of October 2022)

First report from October 25th, 2022: Berlin – While other streamers are considering which sports car will be in the garage next, EliasN97 decides to invest in his family. Through his gigantic success as a Twitch streamer, he was able to fulfill a huge dream for his mother – her own dream house. Taking to Twitter, EliasN97 shares the good news and thanks everyone who has supported him along the way.

EliasN97 buys his mother a house of her own – gratitude to all supporters

What happened? Eligella bought his mother a house of her own. He shares his huge win on Twitter, beaming with joy next to his even happier mother. As he does so, he sends words of gratitude to his fans and other people who have helped him make this dream come true – for him it is “the best moment so far‘ of his career. We have included EliasN97’s tweet for you here.

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His mother seems to be extremely important to EliasN97. She is said to have done everything to fulfill the wishes of young Elias. Now he wants to give back and can proudly claim to have bought his own mother a house. EliasN97 writes that he’s been working on it for months – but now he can finally make it official.

How did he do it? While most are barely able to bring flowers to their own mothers, EliasN97 currently stands out as one of the top ten Twitch streamers in the world. With a watch time of almost 40 million hours in the last 180 days, it is a huge distance away from second place in Germany – Trymacs. He constantly provides his viewers with new events such as the Eligella Cups and exciting streams in which he breaks up with his colleagues one after the other. Although “doer” is not the winner of the youth word 2022, it can still be capitalized today.

EliasN97: Mama’s dream house – Other creators celebrate the maker

These are the reactions: The reactions on Twitter have been consistently positive. Good news can even touch the hearts of Twitter users. Tanzban shared his odd eating habits on Twitter and has felt just how ruthless the social network can be. As is to be expected, there are only a few comments in which EliasN97 is not referred to as a “maker”.

EliasN97 fulfills his mother’s dream – “Best moment of my career” © Twitter: EliasN97/Unsplash/Freepik (Montage)

Other creators and esports players are also responding to EliasN97’s announcement. Amar writes: “Horny, horny, horny, I celebrate bro“ and the likes on his comment reveal that many other people think the same way. Fans can only guess what an indescribable feeling it must be to fulfill such a dream for your own mother. We will surely learn more about EliasN97’s action in upcoming Twitch streams and more social media posts.

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