F1 Manager: No more updates, focus is on successor

F1 Manager 2022 in the test: a lot of potential with little substance (1)

While the real 2022 Formula 1 season is slowly but surely coming to an end and the world championship fight was decided weeks ago, the official one is now F1 manager from Frontier Developments actually quite early in its lifespan. After all, the simulation, which was also extensively tested in our editorial office, only came out on August 30th on the market. However, in a recent on Reddit published community manager blog post, it was announced that the new update of the game will also be the last one. In the future, however, the focus should be on the sequel: “To ensure future F1 Manager projects reach their full potential and meet team and community expectations, the development team needs to focus on projects beyond F1 Manager 2022 after the following update.

One last update

However, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be more patches that fix small technical problems. However, there will no longer be any major updates that work with community feedback. In the last major update, various gameplay adjustments are being made. In addition to various adjustments in terms of race calculation or fuel consumption in qualifying, the cars visually be adjusted. After all, in the course of a Formula 1 season, the 20 cars change from time to time both in terms of their paintwork and their sponsors, as well as in terms of aerodynamics thanks to new components and adjustments.

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