Find 3 masks in the castle – Rose Winters DLC Resident Evil 8

Find 3 masks in the castle - Rose Winters DLC Resident Evil 8

In Resident Evil 8 there are countless mysteries. And so also in the DLC Shadow of Rose. Some are heavier and others lighter. But often one simply overlooks just a single detail. We look like we’re dumb and stupid.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Because we will help you in this crisp guide if you may have overlooked a detail. If you are looking for the three masks, you will find the solution here.

Find 3 masks in Resident Evil 8: Shadow of Rose

Here we go: one Statue with 3 cavities stands in our way, into which we have to push something. This is the only way we can get to the crystal.

We need for that indentations each a unique mask, so there are three different masks in total. This is therefore the socket on the Back of the three masks. And the search can begin.

The First Mask: Learn Skills!

The first mask is in the courtyard of the castle. But when we first enter we can’t do much because we have the fungal growths can’t destroy yet.

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We won’t get the ability until later, so let’s go on a quest. In the inner courtyard we turn left (to the north), where we enter the OG1 of the castle come. Once at the top, we cross the library and the Waiting roomuntil we studio reach.

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Finally, we find Rose Winters’ first ability on the roof, more precisely in the workshop. The mysterious Michael left us a small present. the RW variant, container 1 increases our mutamycete powers. Thank you Michael!

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Once we find the container, we can do that fungi henceforth with the R1 button remove. We just have to get close enough. So we walk back to the patio and the first mask is ours!

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The Second Mask: Find the One-Eyed Key!

The second mask is already hinted at in the inner courtyard. On the picturewhich lies on the way, we find on the lettering on the backwho on the door with the eye indicates. But we can’t open the door in the back right corner yet. What now?

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We’re going back into dining room and from there into the main hall. Thanks to our ability, we can now clear the way up. So we have to disassemble the mushroom tangles before we can enter the stairs.

We can’t solve the riddle with the paintings yet, we can do that later. To ignore.

So we turn right at the top of the stairs and enter the door on the left (south). The long corridor leads straight ahead into das drawing room. But be careful: don’t get caught!

Here we crawl through the chimney on the right side and then we immediately enter the armory. Once again Michael helps us. A true friend!

But now we have to go back, turn sharp right out of the drawing room and take the door. Here we finally find it One-Eyed Key. Assuming we survive the walk.

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back in patio can we get the key at the one-eyed door use. Then we enter Gallery of Despair. This is where it gets spooky, so don’t let all the roses fool you. In any case, we won’t end up as desperate as they are! Promised.

If we keep walking, we’ll get to bathhouse. That bathhouse puzzle we have you linked here. But now it gets a little tricky.

The second mask is at the very end end of the basement. But we have to find our way here first, as ammunition and lives can be scarce. But no worry! It applies to fat kobalin man to circle around with sneaks, and so to scurry from one room to the next. Use R3 to crouch and then just stay out of sight.

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If you the second mask on end of the basement you can just run backwards until you drop. Because now it’s really time to run until we’re back up.

The third mask: gallery of robbers

On the way back we make a little detour via that Guest room and come at painting of the snake over, which we’ll wrap up for later.

From here it goes back to Floor 1 in the castlewhere we do that Painting puzzle have figured out. And now we can solve it!

Arrange the paintings as follows: they must each be theirs natural predator be contrasted. the Hunter come to the right side and die prey comes to the left. To be on the safe side, take a look at the following solution.

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We find: Three-Eyed Key and with it we can open the door that awaits us in the room next to the courtyard. Here we go!

And do not forget: Of course we take them on the way shotgun with, the closet the M1897 can be opened with the three-eyed key.

in the concert hall we find the third mask, unsurprisingly about detours. Run straight to the end of the room (don’t run up the stairs) and turn around at the farthest point. If you now look up (quasi up and behind), you can do that first mushroom braid destroy.

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Now you can use the cleared path and all other mushrooms destroy. You can only get to the mask via the pianos once all the fungi have been destroyed.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of all three masks that you can use in the main hall. In the deepening with a base comes the bronze maskin the recess with the two bases comes the silver mask and the three-socket indentation awaits the gold mask.