Find Shotgun, open cabinet with Three-Eyed Key – Resident Evil 8 DLC

Find Shotgun, open cabinet with Three-Eyed Key - Resident Evil 8 DLC

In the DLC of Resident Evil 8 there is a coveted one shotgunthe M1897. And we want them! After all, the good must Rose Winters also defend against zombie mushrooms and worse. But what do we have to do to get the shotgun?

In this walkthrough you will find all the clues you need to acquire the shotgun.

Shotgun – Open cabinet with three eyes

The shotgun is waiting for us. Very early on in the Shadow of Rose DLC, we see the shotgun that we recognize from the main game. It is the M1897 with a lot of oomph in the pipe. But the closet just won’t open.

the three red eyes stare at us And we stare back. But nothing happens. The grille cannot be opened. What now?

Just wait and see. We can only reach the shotgun if we already have the Three-Eyed Key feature. The solution to the riddle is that simple.

But when do I get the Three-Eyed Key? We get that chronologically when we second of the three masks hold in our hands. So keep an eye out for the silver mask first. We’ll find this when we get back from the basement painting of the snake next to the Guest room.

Collect paintings next to the guest room. © Capcom/

Once we find the painting next to the guest room, we can go Gallery of robbers go and that Puzzles with the paintings solve. The room is on the 1st floor in the castle, directly at the top of the stairs in the main hall.

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Solve the gallery of robbers – what is the order?

The solution of the gallery robber is as follows: the wolf remains in the right corner. You place the snake next to it. Next to it the spider. Quasi big to small.

Opposite you place the respective prey: the wolf kills sheep. The snake eats the toad and the spider catches the moth in its spider web.

The gallery of the robbers in the correct arrangement. © Capcom/

If you have placed the paintings correctly, you will come to the Three-Eyed Key and can open the case with the shotgun. So we do a short pike sprint dining room and let’s go! The shotgun is our new best friend.