Forspoken: The Heroine’s Parkour Skills Introduced // Trailer – News

Forspoken: The Heroine's Parkour Skills Introduced // Trailer - News

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The open-world game will be released on January 24 of next year Forspoken for the PC and Playstation 5 from Square Enix. There you can control the heroine Frey Holland, who for unknown reasons has landed from New York in the mysterious land of Athia. In order to be able to survive better against the monsters there, you have a total of eight pakour-like skills that you can use in tricky situations:

Flow – Flowing locomotion
With Flow, you can automatically hop over small rocks and ledges, jump over small walls, and otherwise try your best to keep moving in the desired direction.

Rush – Fast forward rush
With Rush you can move extremely fast and regenerate stamina at the same time.

Shimmy – jumping run
With this move, you push Frey off the ground to speed her up.

Scale – jump boost
This allows you to give yourself the boost you need to get onto a building or push yourself off of one so you can continue moving seamlessly through the world.

Soar – jump chaining
With Soar, you can reach even higher sections by performing multiple jumps in quick succession.

Zip – swing hook
Frey can throw a magic anchor that pulls her to whatever point it hits. This allows you to avoid obstacles that would slow down your forward movement.

Float – hovering
This helpful ability lets you manipulate gravity to slow your fall.

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This allows Frey to glide over dangerous and monster-infested water surfaces.

In the attached video you can see the eight skills described in action again.