Gaming mouse for all needs – Glorious Model I convinces in every area

The Glorious Model I gaming mouse in black and white

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Of: Janik Boeck

The gaming hardware forge Glorious has a very hot iron ready. The Model I is an ultra-light gaming mouse for all needs. We tested them.

Hamburg – You can’t find a suitable gaming mouse? The cable is too short, the battery runs out too quickly, the mouse is too heavy, it doesn’t react fast enough or doesn’t have enough buttons? Can’t find an ergonomically appealing mouse? Or are you just missing that certain something in terms of feel and appearance? Then the Glorious Model I could be just the right gaming mouse for you. I tested the good piece, present my first impressions and explain why the Glorious Model I quickly convinced me.

Manufacturer Glorious
model Model I
number of keys 9 (2 of which are interchangeable)
interface USB C 2.0 (2 meter cable)
sensor Glorious BAMF sensor
Maximum tracking speed 400IPS
design Matt black
lighting 16.8 million RGB LED backlight and sidelights (south-facing)
warranty 2 years
Dimensions 128mm x 42mm x 74mm
weight 69 grams

This is the Gloriuos Model I – The most important details about the ultra-light gaming mouse

This brings the ultra-light gaming mouse: The package that the Glorious Model I comes in is very handy. It comes with the mouse, a quick start guide, a QR code for video tutorials, and six alternate buttons for the two interchangeable knobs. The Glorious Model I is a wired mouse with an Ultra-Flexible Ascended Cord and USB 2.0 interface.

The Ultra-Flexible Ascended Cord is a two meter long, very flexible and very light cable, which is provided with a fabric covering. Due to its flexibility and length, the cable ensures that the Glorious Model I can be moved almost like a wireless mouse. The mouse is designed for right-handers and ergonomically shaped accordingly.

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Glorious Model I: The gaming mouse comes in black and white © Caseking

This is what makes the Glorious Model I so special: The gaming mouse has several special features. From a purely visual point of view, the perforated housing is the first thing that stands out, which ensures an attractive design. The mouse cable is the next plus point, followed directly by the low weight. However, those who like heavier mice are at a disadvantage here, because there are no optional weights for the Glorious Model I.

Where can you buy the Model I? If you want to buy the Glorious Model I, you can do so either from the manufacturer himself or here do. There you will also find all accessories for the gaming mouse. The mouse itself costs 69.90 euros and is available in black or white design.

As an accessory you can still here Buy griptape for the Glorious Model I at Caseking. With this you ensure a secure hold even in sweaty matches.

Glorious Model I in practice – the mouse is doing so well

Glorious Model I convinces all along the line: I was a bit skeptical at first about the weight of the Glorious Model I. If you take the gaming mouse in your hand, you realize how little 69 grams actually are. Ultra-light describes very well the feeling you have when you hold the mouse in your hand. The large front side button on the thumb also bothered me at first because I kept pressing it accidentally.

However, both doubts vanished into thin air within a very short time. I was able to easily replace the button on my thumb so that I didn’t keep bumping into it uncontrollably. And I got used to the low weight of the mouse so quickly that I no longer want to touch my old, much heavier mouse.

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The Glorious Model I gaming mouse in the box
Glorious Model I: Packshot © Caseking

The Glorious Model I feels really good in the hand and thanks to G-Skates premium mouse feet it glides extremely smoothly over any mouse pad. Every movement of the gaming mouse is transferred very precisely to the mouse pointer – no matter how much DPI you have set. The device really feels like an extension of your arm when you use it.

The Glorious Model I is ideal for medium to large hands. I tested the gaming mouse in League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Age of Empires 2 and Guild Wars 2. In each of these games, the Model I made a convincing impression. I was able to reach all of the buttons with my big hands, but it might not be enough for absolute hardcore MMO players. Nevertheless, the Glorious Model I is a good all-rounder with which you can make almost any game genre unsafe.

Glorious Model I – It’s so easy to adapt the gaming mouse to your needs

Nine programmable buttons: The Glorious Model I has a total of nine buttons: two mouse buttons, a mouse wheel, two buttons next to the mouse wheel and four buttons on the side for the thumb. You can reassign all nine buttons on the Model I with the appropriate software and adapt them to your gaming needs. But more on that in a moment.

It’s so easy to swap the keys: Because the feel of the gaming mouse in the hand is important when gaming, you can swap two buttons on the Glorious Model I and thus adapt the ergonomics better to your personal taste. It is the rearmost side button and the large side button at the front. These are magnetically attached and can be easily removed. A solid piece of paper, such as a business card, is sufficient for this. You can also use slightly longer fingernails or tweezers.

The Glorious Model I gaming mouse lies on a table with its buttons
Glorious Model I: You can easily swap out the buttons on the gaming mouse © Caseking

Slide the tool of your choice into the notch provided and pry the button out without resistance. Be careful that she doesn’t jump away from you. Now you can use one of the alternative buttons. There is a variant for each of the interchangeable buttons that disables the keypad. You can then simply no longer press the button.

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Glorious Model I – The software impresses with diversity

This is what the Glorious Core software can do: Once you have used the keys that suit you best, you can now easily customize the Glorious Model I. Just load the App Glorious Core down. You can use this to edit all of the manufacturer’s devices – including the Glorious GMMK Pro keyboard, which we also tested and found to be good.

The Glorious Model I gaming mouse against a black background
Glorious Model I: With the software everything can be adjusted from the lighting to the key assignment © Caseking

If you have installed the app, you can make all kinds of settings on the mouse. You can change the RGB lighting, remap the keys or set the DPI. The Glorious Model I manages up to 19,000 DPI and can store four DPI settings at the same time, which you can switch between at any time, provided you have assigned buttons for it.

You can create a total of three profiles for the Glorious Model I in the app. So you can quickly switch between key assignments at any time without having to reselect everything.

Glorious Model I – Conclusion on the gaming mouse

The final verdict: Despite my initial doubts, the Glorious Model I was able to convince me across the board. The gaming mouse is a really strong all-rounder. The nine buttons are all easy to reach and thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Glorious Model I always lies comfortably in the hand. The low weight and flexible cable ensure that the mouse feels like an extension of your arm when playing games of various genres or working in the office.

The Glorious Model I lies on a desk
Glorious Model I: The gaming mouse is convincing across the board © Caseking

The software for the Glorious Model I offers a number of customization options and is still easy to understand and use. And the Model I offers all of this at a price of just 60 euros. I definitely found my new gaming mouse here. So if you are looking for a good mouse for gaming at a fair price, I can only warmly recommend the Glorious Model I. At a price of 60 euros you can’t go wrong here.