LoL: 100,000 watch 40 seconds on Twitch in which Faker (26) outsmarts the best players in China

LoL: 100,000 watch 40 seconds on Twitch in which Faker (26) outsmarts the best players in China

The Worlds are running in League of Legends: Yesterday the first semi-final took place: The Koreans T1 played on Saturday, October 29th. against the Chinese of JDG: The 26-year-old Faker had a brilliant hour, as seen in a Twitch clip.

Who is playing in the clip? The clip shows a match still pending. Both teams have 14 kills each after 25 minutes:

  • We see three-time world champion Faker (26) playing Ryze, actually a terribly weak champion but heavily buffed before Worlds.
  • In the clip, he plays a one-on-one against 21-year-old Chinese “369”, one of the best top laners in the world on Renekton.
  • After that, JGD’s botlane, Hope and Missing, rushes over.

JDG are the best team in China: They were considered the top favorites to win Worlds 2022. In the quarterfinals, they swept away the best team in the West, Rogue, 3-0.

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Faker wins one versus one – against Schnappi the evil crocodile

This is the clip: In the clip, Faker attacks the battered Topplaner 369 on Renekton with Ryze: The crocodile is actually made for 1vs1 in League of Legends: You can hardly win a duel against him with his passive live steal.

The tricks with which Faker wins the 1on1:

  • Faker uses his Summoner spell “Ignite” early on to stop Renekton from fully healing and deal maximum damage
  • At the end of the fight, he uses his Flash to get just a few millimeters out of the kill zone where Renekton would catch him
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But Faker has no time to rest, because JDG’s botlane is immediately after him and would surely kill Ryze: Faker actually has no chance to free himself in the situation.

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This is what makes the clip so special: Under the cheers of the audience, Faker retreats into a bush, towards which the two Chinese run. However, milliseconds before they can reach Faker, Faker teleports in the opposite direction with Ryze’s ultimate and is now able to safely teleport back to the base.

The Chinese realize that they no longer have a chance of catching him and turn away. Faker and T1 then won the game and series 3-1. T1 is now in the finals of Worlds 2022 – Title 4 is within reach for Faker, even though at 26 he is at an age when most of his former teammates have already retired.

100,000 people have now seen the clip on Twitch: It is a fabulous move by the old master. Just watching and cheering the fans gives you goosebumps.

Even more successful than the clip on Twitch for LoL is only the play by DRX, from their semifinals.

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Next world champion in LoL comes from South Korea

What’s next? It is already certain that the next world champion will come from South Korea. Because the last 3 teams at the Worlds are all teams from South Korea; Could well be that Faker finally makes title number 4 clear.

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LoL: 5 years after the bitter defeat, Faker reaches for the 4th Worlds title – does it work this time?