Moderator does not know “Smash” and makes a fool of himself

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Of: Omer Kayali

“Welt” moderator Carsten Hädler did not understand the youth word of the year “Smash” correctly. He puts himself and his colleague in an embarrassing position.

Langenscheidt Verlagt found out by means of an online survey Youth word of the year 2022 determined. With 43 percent, the choice finally fell on the term “smash”. Anyone who understands English certainly knows the word. Correctly translated it means something like smashing or destroying, but in the youth language the term is used differently. As is usually the case, older people do not know the modified use and meaning – even “Welt” presenter Carsten Hädler is on the tube when he reports on this year’s youth word in a live broadcast.

“Welt” moderator uses “smash” incorrectly and embarrasses himself in front of his colleague

The word “Smash” came into parlance because of the mobile game “Smash or Pass”. It means something like “to start something with someone” or “to pick someone up”. However, Carsten Hädler wasn’t quite clear on that, so he said to his co-moderator, Fanny Fee Werther, during the show: “I really like smashing with you”. She reacted visibly confused and then explained to her colleague the actual meaning of the youth word. He tried to save himself by saying, “That’s not what I meant, the towing – hanging out with someone!”

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The excerpt was shared thousands of times online. For example, a comment on Twitter says: “Dear Boomers, please just leave it alone before something like this comes out”.

Youth word 2022: Which terms were also available for selection

The word “bottomless” came in second in the Langenscheidt survey with 33 percent, followed by “doer” with 24 percent. Last year, “cringe” was chosen as the youth word for 2021.