Modern Warfare 2 technical issues drag user ratings down

Modern Warfare 2: Launch already breaks a record in the series (1)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can, from a purely numerical point of view, be happy about a successful launch. We recently reported that the second installment of Modern Warfare’s return marks the franchise’s most successful launch Steam could celebrate. But especially on Steam are the ratings for the shooter, which is also in ours editorial staff has already been tested is anything but rosy. But gameplay, graphics, or scope don’t seem to be the main reason for the mediocre ratings. Current are only 57 percent the ratings here are positive. Rather, it seems like technical issues are holding the game back in this regard. Reviews on Steam speak of recurring game crashes. In this context, the Rockpapershotgun site emphasizes problems that the players encounter, especially at a party of more than three people. For this same problem Infinity Ward A patch has since been released to fix this problem.

accumulation of problems

The website also mentions major problems with those who have the latest Nvidia driver had installed. These issues were confirmed in a statement from Nvidia to PC Gamer. In addition, there should be problems with some people on the content of the Vault edition to be able to access. So all in all, not a smooth start for Modern Warfare 2 on PC. But the topic of crossplay and a lack of a way to switch it off has already caused a stir.

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