Phil Spencer understands the due diligence of the authorities when buying Activision Blizzard

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Since the beginning of the year the astronomical Acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft been announced, there are from time to time very critical voices and reflections on this situation. In our editorial office, for example, the potential consequences of this gigantic acquisition were a topic at the time. However, legal institutions have already dealt with this scenario. Finally, a possible one appears to many monopoly formation through the acquisition as a terrible scenario. Phil Spencerthe CEO of Microsoft Gaming, was asked about the matter during the Wall Street Journal Tech Live and admitted that he understands the amount of legal scrutiny this deal receives:

It may surprise some, but I’m not an expert on $70 trillion deals“, according to Spencer. “But I know our focus is on getting approval from the big powers and I spend a lot of time in Brussels, London and with the FTC here in the US.” Also the FTC and, to which im spring numerous US Senators had turned was already a topic on our website. “I would say that the talks so far have been fair and honest. It’s undoubtedly a big acquisition. Microsoft is a huge company in its role in the tech industry and I think the discourse surrounding an acquisition of this magnitude is warranted and I appreciated the time.

Confidence in Spencer

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Our focus is on gaining buy-in for the deal in the markets – I’m confident in that regard. I was in London last week, have ongoing discussions with regulators and remain confident that the deal will be recognised.Spencer also commented on the future of during his appearance Call of Duty and a desirable release on the Nintendo Switch. We have already reported on this aspect.