Players are annoyed by the new UI – the menu navigation is too complicated

Gamer confused in front of MW2 logo

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

MW2: Menu navigation drives players crazy – that’s what fans want © Acitivision/Unsplash/pixabay (Montage)

Modern Warfare 2 actually wanted to shine with its revised UI, but instead the menu navigation is a thorn in the side of the players.

Santa Monica – Modern Warfare 2 comes with some innovations around the corner, but not all of them seem to convince the players. Although the focus of Activision’s shooter is of course on the gameplay, many fans are still bothered by the look of the game outside of the matches. Because the menu navigation was unnecessarily complicated. Fans are now longingly reminiscing about UI’s older titles in the Call of Duty series. reveals why the players are annoyed by the new menu navigation in MW2.

A heated discussion about menu navigation in Modern Warfare 2 broke out on Twitter. And for many fans it is clear that old UIs from the title’s predecessors would have been much more suitable. Some players seemed to miss the MW3 UI in particular.

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