Rolex goes into the locker – Twitch streamer is too risky to wear

Trymacs with his expensive Rolex watch

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Of: Philip Hansen

Trymacs had a watch worth over 100,000 euros on their wrist, but that’s over now. Because wearing it is too risky for him when partying.

Hamburg – Trymacs is one of the most well-known streamers in Germany. He shows on Twitch how he butters huge amounts of money into video games like FIFA 23 and has huge success with it. Another investment by Trymacs has now paid off enormously. Because his already expensive watch has now increased in value massively. But Trymacs no longer wants to wear the Rolex, he wants a cheaper watch.

Maximilian Stemmler
Aug. 19, 1994
3.2 million (as of October 2022)
2.15 million (as of October 2022)

Trymacs buys the watch for 55,000 euros – that’s why the streamer is now afraid to wear it

Why doesn’t Trymacs want to wear the watch? The well-known German Twitch streamer Trymacs bought an outrageously expensive watch for 55,000 euros two years ago. While playing Clash of Clans, where Trymac’s account was hacked, he now reveals why he no longer wears the flashy Rolex.

According to Trymacs, the same watch now costs 115,000 euros new. With that, Trymacs would have more than doubled its investment. But he says: “Clock for 100,000, don’t feel good about partying“. A powerful insight for someone who has spent over €20,000 on FIFA packs in record time without flinching.

55,500 [Euro] is still limit.

So Trymacs is afraid that his expensive watch will be damaged or even broken – or that the Rolex could be stolen. Therefore, he will no longer wear the watch.

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Trymacs shows its platinum Rolex Day-Date here © Trymacs / Twitch / Imago (montage)

Trymacs shows off its platinum Rolex, makes a profit, but now steel is needed

It’s about this Rolex: The watch lovers among you have long recognized it: Trymacs is talking about the platinum Day-Date 40. The Rolex watch has had a fairly stable price of 40,000 to 50,000 euros for many years since 2016. Since 2021, however, the costs have exploded and broke the 100,000 euro barrier. Incidentally, the platinum in the name stands for the watch material, logically.

Incidentally, it is not at all unusual for expensive watches such as Rolex to be bought as an investment and not to be worn. Realizing how much money Trymacs really has on his arm seems to have triggered a change of heart in him.

This is what Trymacs does with the platinum clock: According to Trymacs, the Rolex goes in the safe deposit box. After polishing, the outrageously expensive Rolex remains in the safe. The watch then elapses in the locker and Trymacs only wants to wear it on very special occasions, he reveals in the video:

Don’t worry, Trymacs will still know what time it is. Because a slightly cheaper watch made of steel – instead of platinum – will soon adorn his wrist.

Trymacs recently had another revelation: Despite his success, he parted ways with the best team in the world in FIFA 23. Now Trymac’s streamer is boycotting FIFA 23 and turning its back on football simulation.