Sliding statues correctly in the bathhouse – Resident Evil 8 Winters Expansion

Sliding statues correctly in the bathhouse - Resident Evil 8 Winters Expansion

In Resident Evil 8 there’s a bathhouse puzzle that’s for the Winters expansion returns. In the story DLC with Rose Winters so we have to lend a hand again in the bathhouse after we have already got to know the location in the original.

But now the riddle has been adjusted and now it says move new statues. But in what order do I have to push the statues in? We’ll tell you what you need to know about the new puzzle in the bathhouse and what the correct order is.

Moving statues in the bathhouse – how to do it right!

If we are with Rose looking for the 3 mysterious masks are located, we pass the bath house. Here we are immediately confronted with a cryptic message that immediately contains the solution.

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The text reads as follows:

“Into dark depths I staggered, after which arrows shot.
Previously on the gallows I dangled and without rest and rest on it.
My blood shed by the sword’s hand.”

Basically, the puzzle is quite simple. And yet it hides a little something, which invites you to ponder. Because normally such a text always shows us the correct procedure in law chronological form on. But that is not the case here.

The important note is the “before on the gallows”, where we have a small Timeskip make. If you overlook this, there will be a question mark.

So the correct arrangement is not:

  • Downs, arrows, gallows, sword
  • it reads gallows, sword, depths, arrows

We must therefore first move the statue where the Figure on the gallows dangles. Then follows the statue with the sword.

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And then it’s on to the second part. Then press the figure that’s in the drawn depths becomes. And only then does the statue follow, that of pierced by arrows became.

Once you have pushed in all the statues in the correct order, the window will open way in the bathhouse and the next mask is within reach.