Solve diorama puzzles, light campfires in Resident Evil 8 DLC Shadow of Rose

Solve diorama puzzles, light campfires in Resident Evil 8 DLC Shadow of Rose

The DLC Shadow of Rose takes us once more into the House Benevientowhich we see in the main game of Resident Evil 8 have explored extensively. But something is different. What’s going on here?

Everything is about Rose Winters and that’s why those responsible have installed new puzzles. We must complete a diorama related to her, thus recreating a piece of Rose’s childhood. But how does it work? And where do we find all the dolls?

If you stumble at this point, we have provided all the necessary information for you here so that you can diorama puzzle able to solve quickly.

Diorama and the Trinity

about that Diorama in the workshop to solve, we must total three individual dioramas to complete. That’s the only way we can get to everyone four dollswhich we need for the solution in the workshop.

The 3 dioramas are located in the workshop, storage room and medicine room. © Capcom/

But before we get started here, let’s take the Doll from the diorama and the Doll from the desk in the workshop. And then it’s time to let the diorama games begin!

Diorama number 1 in the medicine room

The first diorama that we can solve with the initial dolls is this Diorama in the medicine room, it is located next to the workshop. More specifically, it’s in the middle of the room and yes, it’s actually quite easy to miss. We have to look directly at the table.

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You only need two dolls for this diorama. Lucy and Catherine. The solution is not particularly difficult since the labels are still legible. So we put Lucy on the left and Catherine on the right.

© Capcom/

With the key we can now in the workshop the red door open and the Spring explore. At the very bottom of the fountain is the Doll by Jeremy. We collect them and walk back to the workshop. And now it goes over the aisle to storage room.

Diorama number 2 in the storeroom

In the middle of the storage room is another diorama. Now that we’re over 3 dolls dispose, we can diorama 2 finally solve.

jeremy let’s put it on the left side because he gives the gift. Lucy get on the ladder (or rather the folding stool). She holds the bucket. and Catherine points his finger at Rose. This is a real outrage that Rose endured as a child. The poor rose. But at least that’s how we get to them fourth doll. Thank you very much!

© Capcom/

With the fourth doll, which looks like Rose with black hair, we then run back to the workshop, where we get down to business. We have to light a campfire. Rose shall burn.

Diorama number 3 in the workshop

The solution for the diorama in the workshop follows. Arrange the dolls as shown in our diagram and you’ve already made it.

We need all four dolls: the name of the first doll Lucy and she comes to the lower, left side. She holds wooden brushwood. Above comes Catherine, holding the torch (top, left side). And on the right we place jeremycarrying the wood in his hands. And last but not least, there is the outer, right-hand side, where we use the fourth doll place that looks like rose.

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Would you like a small campfire? © Capcom/

Congratulations. You have solved the riddle of the dioramas. But what follows now is even worse than the tinkering in the workshop. We wish you lots of fun with the horror game. And don’t get caught! You will see…