Stores ship God of War Ragnarök to users 10 days ahead of schedule

Stores ship God of War Ragnarök to users 10 days ahead of schedule

God of War Ragnarök is reportedly selling out in some retail stores ten days before release, causing major story spoilers to appear on the internet.

Several social media users have started posting significant late game spoilers this weekend, including a video that is understood to be the full conclusion of the game.

Sony Santa Monica Creative Director Cory Barlog took to Twitter to express his frustration with the situation. “A retailer selling the game almost TWO WEEKS before release. so disappointing”wrote.

“Sorry everyone, you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game again.” Barlog continued. “Completely fucking stupid, you have to do this. This is not how any of us at SMS wanted things to be.”

He added: “You know, at this point, I can really understand the benefit of having only one installer on the physical drive,” apparently referencing recent news that the Modern Warfare II retail disc contains a small fraction of the game.

Ragnarok’s narrative director also took to social media to express his frustration.

“*Sigh, just stay away from social media, Reddit, YouTube, etc, unless you are very confident in your ability to mute hashtags and block people”Matt Sophos wrote. “I’m really sorry if anyone has messed up our game in any way. We’ve really tried to keep things fresh and amazing for you.”

God of War Ragnarok It will be released on PS4 and PS5 on November 9. You can read our first impressions of the game by following this link.

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