The Store is Closed: That’s why Ikea is threatening to sue the indie horror game

The Store is Closed: That's why Ikea is threatening to sue the indie horror game

from Michael Miskulin
The indie developer of The Store is Closed is threatened with a lawsuit from Ikea because the Swedish furniture company believes that the indie horror game was too much inspired by the furniture retailer.

In the indie horror game The Store is Closed, the player is drawn into an infinitely large furniture store from which there is no escape. To make matters worse, there are hordes of zombies (no, not harmless consumer zombie customers) roaming the aisles. It is not without reason that the huge furniture store looks like the well-known Ikea department stores. But that is exactly what has now actually called the Swedish furniture retailer onto the scene.

The furniture company Ikea is now threatening the indie developer of The Store is Closed with a lawsuit. The reason for this is the infringement of trademark rights and possible damage to reputation. The said indie developer is called Shaw Jacob and has obviously been inspired by Ikea for his horror survival game. Among other things, it uses the Swedish company’s classic blue/yellow color scheme. He himself had even praised it as an “infinite Ikea game”.

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Ikea officials wrote Shaw a letter threatening to sue them for trademark infringement and possible damage to their reputation: “Their game uses a blue sign and a yellow sign with a Scandinavian name on the store, a building attached to a blue box, as well as yellow-striped T-shirts like those worn by Ikea employees […].” The letter also lists other similarities. Finally, Ikea asks the indie developer to remove all similarities between Ikea and The Store is Closed. Shaw then told PC Gamer that he will now follow the requests. Finally, “would he’d rather not be sued.” The Store is Closed is due out for PC in 2024.

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Source: PC gamer