This PS4 is really gross, but I’ve seen worse

There's a good reason why you shouldn't smoke next to a running PS4.

There’s a good reason why you shouldn’t smoke next to a running PS4.

My dear colleague Linda is always good for digging out pictures or articles about broken or dirty gaming equipment. This is also the case with a PS4 that obviously comes from a smoking household.

I could understand your initial shock, but I have to admit that I am completely hardened in this respect. In the past I’ve opened up and cleaned quite a few PlayStation consoles that weren’t treated as clean.

It’s about this PS4

The user “Polak5677” shared pictures of a PS4 on Reddit, which he received from a smoker for purification. After opening the case, he was stunned by what he found: orange-brownish ash residue, brownish tar deposits, and a mossy coating on the fins leading to the console’s heatsink.

He made these pictures:

Not only the health suffers from the smoke: Numerous PlayStation fans spoke out in the Reddit thread, pointing out that cigarette smoke not only damages the lungs, but is deposited throughout the home. Be it in the walls, the furniture and also in electronic devices, whose fans draw the smoke inside, whereupon deposits form.

From my own experience, I can say that this dirt is the main reason for the loudness of aging PS4 consoles. The more dirt blocks the cooling vents, the higher the fan has to rev up to cool the console’s processor. In a smoker’s household, this process runs much faster than with conventional dust accumulation due to the particles in the air.

But it gets much worse

Chris Werian

It’s been a few years since I cleaned and repaired consoles as a part-time job to top up my apprenticeship pay a bit. Many of them looked like the PS4 featured in the thread from the inside.

The dirt shown is quite easy to remove, completely dry residues that look disgusting due to their color, but are quickly wiped away with a cloth. Stubborn dirt, on the other hand, is best removed with white spirit or pure alcohol.

The coating on the cooling fins can be easily removed. These are clumps of hair, cobwebs, lint and dust, which also occur in every non-smoking household. At least I haven’t come across an older PS4 where the fan access was completely free of dirt.

But there was also something more unusual: Although most of the cases were ordinary household dirt, I quickly took to wearing gloves and even a respirator when cleaning. How so? Well, once I’ve cleaned a PS4 of dried, moldy beer or soda residue, I was grateful for any protection from odors (and damaging spores).

Insect infestation was also represented, although at least I never encountered living creatures. In the plastic boxes I found one or two spiders and the remains of wood lice, which probably nested in the shavings that had been sucked in (don’t ask). Due to the dry climate, the constant draft and the lack of food sources, very little survives in the consoles. You could almost say – lucky.

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This is how you prevent your PS4 from getting very dirty

As previously mentioned, it’s mostly dust and lint that collects in the console. It is therefore best not to place the console on a carpeted floor and keep the shelf on which it is placed free of dust. Then the PS4 can’t suck in as much dirt.

If you want to clean your PS4, you can get tips here:

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more on the subject

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So it doesn’t have to degenerate like the PS4 shown. And you are doing something good for your console, because in a clean environment it is much more likely that your own gaming device will remain quiet and not tend to overheat.

Have you ever unlocked a console? What did you find in it?