WoW: Blizzard in the fight against motion sickness – more NPCs appeared

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from Philip Sattler
For most players, motion sickness in WoW poses little of a real problem. For some, however, it’s barely playable when the world around the character is moving rapidly. Blizzard therefore added NPCs a long time ago, thanks to which some effects can be switched off. This has now been expanded with the pre-patch for WoW: Dragonflight.

Anyone who has ever suffered from severe motion sickness knows that it’s not much fun. Luckily for most of us, this only happens with poorly programmed VR games. But there are also more sensitive people who suffer from it even in less active environments. There are also some places in WoW that cause severe discomfort in those affected.

Blizzard recognized the problem a long time ago and did something about it. In the two dungeons Grimmgleisdepot and Soul Maw, NPCs appeared that you Dizzy Peon’s Magical Elixir to sell. This potion simply turns off various effects in the dungeon. The train in Grimrail Depot comes to a halt and the ship in Maw of Souls no longer rocks back and forth.