Xbox Game Pass: 3 of the scariest subscription games

Xbox Game Pass (Sonstiges) von Microsoft

Are you still looking for a successful horror for the upcoming Halloween weekend? Then you should find what you are looking for in Xbox Game Pass. We’ll introduce you to three frightening representatives.

We have tried to make a selection that is as balanced as possible. So all those who don’t like brutal glossy horror as much as a pixelated psycho trip with puzzle elements, in which the story shrouded in mystery can unfold in an eerily creeping way, will also get their money’s worth. In the following, we will tell you which particularly coherent titles of the Xbox Game Pass are actually involved.

Featured 3 of the scariest games on Xbox Game Pass

With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access a huge library of more or less worthwhile games at any time. But which of them really teach us to fear? We present three of them below:

#1 Scorn

Recently, the relatively young Scorn has also been part of the Xbox Game Pass squad. Set in a nightmarish universe of strange shapes and somber tapestries inspired by Swiss artist HR Giger, we find ourselves isolated and lost.

We explore the traumatizing world and its various, connected areas in a non-linear way. Each location awaits you with its own puzzles and characters at every turn, which contribute to the perfect scary fun. We’ll also tell you whether Scorn gave us the creeps in the test or just scared us off.

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#2 Signalis

Announced more than two years ago, the dystopian survival sci-fi horror from Hamburg recently made its Xbox Game Pass debut. Since then, its unusual but atmospheric aesthetics in particular has been attracting horror fans to their screens.

The melancholic and mysterious atmosphere, which is inspired by genre greats like the early Resident Evil or Silent Hill games and runs through the entire game, inevitably penetrates marrow and bone. We slip into the role of Magpie, who after her crash on a snowy planet is not only looking for a lost crew member, while we have to solve puzzles and face enemies in tactical combat.

#3 A Plague Tale: Requiem

The direct sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence is much more of a sneaky action-adventure than a true horror trip. Nevertheless, the medieval setting, in which an all-consuming plague is probably the greatest fear, offers enough moments to really get the creeps.

We follow the heartbreaking story of a pair of siblings who roam the vastness of southern France in a desperate fight for their own survival. In our test of A Plague Tale: Requiem, we used a variety of tools with which we could easily eliminate attentive guards, drive away annoying rats and solve exciting puzzles, while the poignant story of the game stretched around us like a net .

More spooky-beautiful games in Xbox Game Pass

Fortunately, Xbox Game Pass offers a whole range of other games that should convince with their horrible presentation. Consequently, a few more, more or less spooky, titles that you can play with the subscription on Halloween weekend:

In addition to the Xbox Game Pass, the big Steam Halloween Sale in 2022 is waiting with scary games as far as the eye can see. In addition, you can fully enjoy the ghastly spectacle with a variety of themed Halloween events in a number of games. Last updated video: Humble Games Day One with Xbox Game Pass

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