You want to build the best weapons in CoD MW2? Doesn’t work – Important feature is currently broken

You want to build the best weapons in CoD MW2?  Doesn't work - Important feature is currently broken

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Armorer is a monster. There are, without exaggeration, almost infinite customization options. But the system went on strike shortly after the release and the developers had to block an important feature.

What’s going on there? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a successful release – a maximum of 250,000 people played the new CoD shooter on Steam alone. But there were also some serious problems.

Game crashes, lags, shaky servers – things didn’t go perfectly for many players, even if you could still play your matches most of the time. There was already an update to reduce game crashes – it addressed issues related to player parties.

To further reduce the chance of crashing, an important feature that you should actually use to build the best weapons in the game has now been deactivated: attachment tuning.

CoD MW2: Attachment tuning turned off – led to crashes

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Tweet translation: We have disabled attachment tuning until further notice to investigate game crashes for users playing with 5 attachments tuned. If you have currently tuned attachments equipped, you must remove them and [ohne Tuning] put on again.

When is attachment tuning coming back? There is no information about this yet.

How powerful is the weaponsmith? With attachment tuning, the Gunsmith is more powerful than ever in Call of Duty.

Attachment tuning activates once you’ve boosted a weapon to max level. Almost every attachment can be individually adapted.

Example lower barrel – Edge 47 grip: The part has the advantages of reducing idle aiming stability and stabilizing recoil. A reduced ZV speed has to be accepted as a disadvantage.

Tuning allows you to shift the focus of the attachment – if you want the benefits to be stronger, you can slide the controls and adjust the attachment to your liking.

However, more advantages also means that the disadvantages have a greater effect – the penalty on ZV speed also increases.

The best weapons in CoD MW2 can only be created with this feature. While you can still build very powerful weapons just by using the attachments, the final bit of tuning isn’t available for now.

As soon as there is any information on when the feature returns, we will update the article. If you want to find out more about the weapon smith before then, you can find our article on it here and here we include the English developer trailer for you:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Gunsmith Trailer

The launch of CoD MW2 was successful, but ran bumpy. However, the developers are staying tuned and fixing one problem after the other – but not without consequences.

What is your experience of the release? What weapons do you recommend for weapon tuning when it’s back online? leave a comment

On MeinMMO we already have a small list of weapon recommendations shortly after the release: CoD MW2: 3 strong weapons with setups for your entry into multiplayer

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