You’ll never know what God of War: Ragnarok looked like in 1.0 – we’re already at 1.03

You'll never know what God of War: Ragnarok looked like in 1.0 - we're already at 1.03

It’s normal for a game to be patched at launch, but we usually know this as the Day One Patch. Which version exactly is behind it is not always very clear and actually a very irrelevant thing. The developers could call their version 10.87. As long as it’s not below 1.0 in terms of stability, it’s definitely fine.

God of War Ragnarok is out on 11/9/2022, which is the week after next, but enviable people like me get to play it now – see the God of War: Ragnarok preview here, or more info on Kratos’ battles here. But apparently I’ve never played it on a 1.0 either, because since I’ve had it it’s only gotten one patch, which was probably 1.02.

Such emotional moments should not be disturbed by a glitch.

What can I say now about Gor of War: Ragnarök 1.03 – loud orb patches – be happy? Well, since there are no pre-release patch notes, it runs a little smoother now – not that I noticed and it ran smoothly here anyway – and has fewer bugs and glitches. Hm, I’m going to start playing to revisit that one spot where the graphics freaked out… Let’s see if I have a save. I’ll be right back. (20 minutes later). Yep, now runs without graphical glitches in the cutscene. Awesome, my gaming experience has completely turned inside out and now I need something above the outstanding logo. Well, maybe not that.

By the way, the size of the PS5 version is 118 GB, you need it on 9.11. so a little time for the download, because if things are going like mine you can still have such a great line, if the PSN is just overwhelmed with the world again, it can take overnight. Don’t worry, this isn’t an explicit Sony bash, and Microsoft often doesn’t cover itself in glory on this point either. Nintendo? No idea. I play Dead Cells while waiting for a download, time flies. Maybe this is the solution. Dead Cells on all platforms… what was that about again? That’s right, God of War: Ragnarok.

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So, that’s some anticipation news that this already wonderful game will hopefully get even better over the next 14 days. The year since Elden Ring has been lean enough as far as Triple-A goes, so good that at least the PlayStation is still getting a hammer in at least version 1.03. Or 1.04. Day one patch. One of them.