7 vs. Wild Season 2: The first making-of episode is online – The first season was so expensive

7 vs. Wild Staffel 2: Behind the Scenes

It is now known when the first episode of the 2nd season of the YouTube format will be released 7 vs Wild on Fritz Meinecke’s YouTube channel is broadcast. You can find all information about it in this post.

Also on Sunday October 30th the first episode of the Making of series released. In the first video of the series, 7 vs. Wild founder Max and co-founder Johannes have their say. The main discussion is about the idea for the first season and how difficult and unpredictable the undertaking turned out to be during the planning.

The cost of Season 1 of 7 vs Wild

The financial aspect must have been particularly exciting. So John speaks of the fact that one with a very limited budget had to plan and this was still clearly exceeded.

Some of the cost items are, for example, the equipment, accommodation, meals and travel to and from the seven participants. According to the video was initially with Total costs of around 90,000 euros calculated, but in the end the budget was changed exceeded approximately 50,000 euros. Thus, the expenses were finally around 140,000 euros.

A big risk, then, that was taken for Season 1 of 7 vs. Wild. Because the videos are average though 4.8 million views scored and the entire 16-part season on Fritz Meinecke’s YouTube channel 77 million times was clicked, that should change “officially the largest creator project in Europe” nevertheless refinanced quite quickly.

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How much will season 2 cost?

According to Fritz Meinecke, the costs for season 2 should even increase again many times higher than in Season 1.

Some reasons for the higher cost:

  • Location is much further away (different continent etc.).
  • 30 to 40 people work in the background on the organization and subsequent implementation.
  • A fee-based permit for the location is required on site. (Probably more expensive than in Sweden)
  • Flights for participants and the entire (grown) team.
  • The rescue team is significantly larger and better equipped to act faster.

Meinecke also emphasizes that viewers will see soon enough why the costs are so much higher this time. So we can look forward to a big production and an exciting location that will hopefully justify the high costs.