Adobe Creative Cloud: Pantone colors now subject to a charge

Adobe Creative Cloud: Pantone colors now subject to a charge

from Sarah Petzold
What Adobe announced some time ago is now becoming reality: Creative Cloud users will have to pay a subscription for Pantone colors in the future. All others are left with the color black.

Some Adobe Creative Cloud users may be annoyed at the moment because Adobe will charge additional money for using the Pantone color palette in the future. If you do not want to take out the associated subscription, you will see a black area. The company is thus implementing a change that it announced back in April 2022.

Old files are also affected by the change

Anyone who uses products from Adobe Creative Cloud will therefore need a subscription for all Pantone colors in the future, with the exception of the color books “Pantone + CMYK coated”, “Pantone + metallic coated” and “Pantone + CMYK uncoated”. Users will see a corresponding pop-up Message notifying you of the change if you haven’t subscribed yet.

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The software titles Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are specifically affected. In these programs, all colors that fall under the new license agreement and will only be available by subscription in the future will appear as a black area if users have not taken out such a subscription. Incidentally, this applies regardless of the age of the open file. In order to be able to continue using the Pantone color books, you must purchase a corresponding license via the “Pantone Connect” plug-in.

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The prices for the Pantone licenses are currently EUR 14.99 per month or EUR 89.99 per year for individual users. Meanwhile, the Adobe community is not very enthusiastic about this step and is outraged on Twitter, among other things, above allthat older files are also affected by the restriction.

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