After the scandal at Diablo Immortal: Blizzard wants to do that now

Diablo Immortal sells gem with wrong description - players want money back (1)

Already last week we reported about the big scandal in the Free2Play game Diablo Immortal huge shit storm that attracted fans. It was all about them incorrect description of a legendary gem, which many players felt misled by and accordingly angry. well has Activision Blizzard responded to the criticismthere is cause for hope.

That’s what Activision Blizzard says about the gemstone scandal

The development team spoke up shortly after the first shitstorm and announced a hotfix for the problem. However, there was initially no detailed statement. In the meantime, however, the community manager “SinfulScribe” has commented on the subject and, among other things, came up with it the demand of many fans for compensation a. His remarks at least give reason to hope that something will soon be done in this regard.

“We’ve been addressing a number of issues related to the accuracy of descriptions on certain legendary gems. We understand that the effects of these gems play a central role in player progression and builds. We’re looking very closely at the impact of these issues in order to be able to offer compensation to affected players. However, this will require some time as well as data. As soon as we know how you are proceeding with this, we will update you immediately.”

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