Best Photo Printer: Recommended models for high-resolution images

The Canon Pixma G550 is a real bargain considering the equipment and photo quality.

In certain situations it is very convenient and useful to be able to print photos and images yourself. Especially when it has to be done quickly or you want to have 100% control over the result, for example with special fine art paper.

Inkjet printers deliver the best quality. How good a self-printed photo looks does not only depend on the resolution of the photo print, but also on factors such as droplet size, drying time, paper and so on. Unfortunately, this information is often not found in the technical data, which is why they alone do not help. We look at other important features and tell you which photo printer is right for you.

Price-performance tip up to A4: Canon Pixma G550

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The Canon Pixma G550 is a real bargain considering its equipment and photo quality.

Image: © Canon 2022

You want to print photos in excellent quality and color fidelity? And don’t spend a fortune on ink even with frequent printing? Then he is Canon Pixma G550 worth a look.

The six different inks (including photo black, red and gray) are specially designed for photo printing. What is unusual for a printer in this price range is that you don’t have to buy the ink in cartridges, but can refill it from tanks. This saves money on follow-up costs and protects the environment.

This model achieves its competitive price by saving on additional functions that are not necessary for photo printing: There is no scanner, no duplex printing, no ink optimized for document output and no additional paper tray. The Pixma G550 is also optimized for quality rather than speed when it comes to printing speed. A real specialist at a good price.

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Fortunately, WLAN and LAN connections (including Apple AirPrint) are on board with this Canon photo printer. So you can send pictures directly over the network and from your smartphone to the printer.

Per against
+ Favorable printing costs thanks to fillable tanks – only prints up to A4
+ very good color reproduction & image quality thanks to 6 different inks – no office equipment
+ low price for a printer with tanks – slow pressure
+ WiFi, LAN, AirPrint

Canon Pixma G550
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The printer for professionals: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300

The tool for professionals and ambitious people: Canon PRO-300
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The tool for professionals and ambitious people: the Canon PRO-300 photo printer.

Image: © Canon 2022

Of the Canon’s PRO-300 feels at home in the world of borderless A3+ prints, fine art papers and perfect color and black and white reproduction. Canon uses the “PRO” in the name proudly, big and not thoughtlessly. Because if you only want to print family photos occasionally, this photo printer is not the right one for you.

With ten superfine pigment ink cartridges, you won’t compromise on print quality. The interfaces of the PRO-300 are contemporary: LAN, WLAN and Apple AirPrint are integrated.

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a steep price. The purchase is comparatively cheap – measured against the quality and what the competition offers. Unfortunately, the situation is different with the many and expensive cartridges for this Canon photo printer: Here you have to dig much deeper into your pocket than with other models. Quality costs money, but it also impresses.

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Per against
+ Top-level print quality thanks to 10 pigment ink cartridges – no refillable tanks, therefore very high printing costs
+ borderless printing up to A3+ – relatively high price
+ Can print fine art papers up to 350 g/m² and 0.6 mm thick – no office equipment
+ WiFi, LAN, AirPrint

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300
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Inexpensive photo printing close to professional level: Epson EcoTank ET-8500

Versatile printer talent with low follow-up costs: Epson ET-8500
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Versatile printing talent with low follow-up costs: the Epson EcoTank ET-8500.

Image: © Epson 2022

Compared to Canon Pixma G550 costs the Epson EcoTank ET-8500 in the purchase significantly more. However, it scores with slightly lower printing costs and much more extensive equipment.

The two competitors have in common the refillable ink tank system with additional colors for photo printing, with the Epson these are photo black and grey. This gives it quality advantages over simple printers, especially for black-and-white photos.

In contrast to the Canon, the Epson also has the document black. On the other hand, the latter has some advantages when it comes to the color range for colorful photos. Both print up to A4 borderless.

But the EcoTank ET-8500 is much more than a simple photo printer: scanner, copier function and automatic duplex printing expand the fields of application. Only the document feeder is missing for the perfect office candidate.

In addition, files can not only be supplied via LAN, WLAN and Apple AirPrint, but also via a direct USB connection to a camera or, particularly practical, via an SD card slot.

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Per against
+ good print quality, especially for black and white prints – no special photo inks for color printing
+ Low printing costs thanks to fillable tanks – only prints up to A4
+ extensive office equipment – no document feeder
+ WLAN, LAN, AirPrint, USB direct, SD slot

Epson EcoTank ET-8500
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Photo Printing A3 Office: Canon Pixma TS9550

The TS9550 scores with its versatile equipment.
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The Canon Pixma TS9550 scores with its versatile equipment.

Image: © Canon 2022

Of the Canon Pixma TS9550 is classically equipped with five conventional ink cartridges, one of which is photo black. The Canon photo printer does not win the crown for the cheapest print or the most convincing photo result in any test. But that’s not what the TS9550 is built for either.

It gets the maximum photo quality out of the five cartridges. At the same time, it offers the perfect (home) office equipment and versatility with a scanner, color touch display, automatic duplex printing and document feeder.

Since it can also process heavy photo paper up to 300 grams and A3, it is recommended as an all-rounder that is exceptionally well suited for occasional photo printing. The SD card reader on the front is also useful for this, with which you can print pictures directly from the memory card of your camera. Alternatively, the connection works with WLAN and Bluetooth.

In many tests, only the higher volume of 49.5 decibels (according to the manufacturer) when printing is criticized.

Per against
+ good print quality given the lack of photo inks – no special photo inks (except black)
+ prints up to A3 – higher printing costs than devices with an ink tank
+ Very extensive office equipment – noisy when pressed
+ can print photo paper up to 300 g/m²
+ WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, AirPrint, SD slot

Canon Pixma TS9550
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