Can you record a WhatsApp call from iPhone?

Can you record a WhatsApp call from iPhone?

Can you really record a WhatsApp call from iPhone? Which are the steps to follow?

It is no secret to anyone that iOS has a tool that allows you to record the screen of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. However, the question arises, Can you record a WhatsApp call from iPhone? Yes, no, will there be any limitations, problems with the apps or are there laws that are being violated?

The iPhone screen recording is a very useful tool. You can record parts of YouTube videos, tutorials to solve something within the mobile or it can even serve as a way to record conversations in a scenario in which you may be being scammed and you want to have evidence of what happened. But will this tool be compatible to record WhatsApp calls.

How to record a WhatsApp call from your iPhone

How to record a WhatsApp call from your iPhone

How to record a WhatsApp call step by step

The short answer is that you cannot record a WhatsApp video call from your iPhone with the screen recorder tool, but there are ways to do it. In principle, it cannot be done because during a standard phone call or WhatsApp the app is already using the iPhone’s microphone. Therefore, iOS does not allow other apps like Voice Memos to record the sound.

Even, if you wanted to record the screen during the call you couldn’t either, since despite the fact that it has the ability to record internal sounds, iOS automatically disables the microphone, since it is being used by the call in question. Consequently, you would have the call recorded visually (only the video) but without sound. And if you had doubts about some third-party applications, we can already tell you that none of them work.

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As to tricks on iPhoneHas it not happened to you that you want to share all the photos and videos of a trip with your friends, but it is tedious because of the size of the files? Well, Apple has the solution with iCloud Shared Photo Library: This is how it works in iOS 16. Take a look at it, it will surely help you.

Record a WhatsApp call using another mobile

Record a WhatsApp call using another mobile

Record WhatsApp calls on speaker using another iPhone

This is the first way to record a WhatsApp call with your iPhone. However, you would not only need your iPhone, but you would also depend on another mobile, be it iPhone or any Android. How would it work? Easy, with your iPhone you make the call and put it on speaker, while with the other device you record the call with apps like Voice Memos (iPhone) or Recorder (by Google). You could even record the screen of your iPhone that is making the call (if this was a video call) and, while on speakerphone, record the conversation with the other mobile.

Record a WhatsApp call using a Mac

Record a WhatsApp call using a Mac

Use a MacBook to record WhatsApp call

The second way is using a Mac, be it a MacBook or an iMac, the idea is that the iPhone is connected to the Mac via the Lightning cable. Note that this trick or process can also be done to record FaceTime calls.

In short, the Mac, using the tool QuickTime will record video and audio while the iPhone will play the call audio on speakerphone. But how to do it? Well, quite simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac using the Lightning cable.
  • Start QuickTime Player on your Mac (press Command + Spacebar and type QuickTime).
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Record a WhatsApp call using a Mac part 1

Once QuickTime Player is open on your Mac, you will see the name of this tool at the top left of the screen of your Mac. Once there, you must:

  • click on Records.
  • Click on new movie recording.

Record a WhatsApp call using a Mac part 2

Doing so will open a window with all the visualization you have on the screen of your iPhone that you have connected to the Mac. This part is very important, since this is where you will configure the call audio output from. Then:

  • press on the small arrow next to record button.
  • In Camera: Choose your iPhone.
  • In Microphone: Select the one for the Mac.

Remember that you should not select your iPhone as microphoneas sound recording is disabled for other applications during an ongoing call.

Now, once everything is configured, click the button to record the screen in QuickTime (red in color). Then, make the WhatsApp video call on your iPhone. In this way, QuickTime Player will record your iPhone screen internally and iPhone audio (on speaker) through the Mac’s microphone.

Finally, when you have finished the call, save the recording. For this, you must:

  • click on File, Archive.
  • Click on Save.

This way you will have managed to record video and audio of the WhatsApp call on your iPhone. It’s a process that clearly benefits the Mac owner, but is actually quite useful.