CoD MW2: The Aim-Assist for controllers apparently reaches completely new spheres – “That’s actually cheating”

CoD MW2: The Aim-Assist for controllers apparently reaches completely new spheres – "That's actually cheating"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers extensive crossplay functions and connects the consoles to the PC – so we can all gamble together. To bring mouse and keyboard and controllers to a similar level, there is an aim assist for controllers. Apparently he’s very strong this year.

Call of Duty did something that no AAA franchise has been able to do before: they somehow managed to convince Sony to relax their stance on crossplay in 2019 and brought CoD MW 2019 to the PlayStation with full crossplay support.

A milestone. Sony has always been pretty clear about features that blur the boundaries between platforms.

An aim assist helps so that controller players do not feel the full benefits of players with mouse & keyboard. In a genre comparison, Call of Duty has been delivering a very strong aim assist for a PvP game for years and this always leads to discussions.

With Modern Warfare 2, the aim assist seems to be moving up a gear again. Initial assessments indicate that the assist is very strong. During our research, we came across quite a few players who have already switched from mouse & keyboard to controllers.

A clip on Twitter shows the situation pretty well. After a few kills with the controller, the streamer says, “This is actually cheating”:

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Whether the Aim-Assist is really much stronger this year cannot be fully assessed at the moment. But there are already some reactions to it that give an indication of this.

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We also show you how the Aim Assist works from the technical side and which settings you should choose.

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CoD MW2: Aim Assist – function and settings

How does the aim assist work? First: The aim assist on the controller doesn’t do the aiming for you. The function is only activated under certain circumstances and can be divided into two categories in Call of Duty:

  • Aim Slow
    • When the reticle is close to the target, the aiming sensitivity is reduced.
    • This creates a kind of sticky effect and it feels like the crosshairs are sticking a little near the enemy.
    • Applies to Hip Fire and Aim Fire (ADS).
  • target rotation
    • When you move, your character rotates with the opponent.
    • This help only works if you move!
    • Sometimes you turn sideways when an enemy runs through the crosshairs.
    • Also active in hip fire and ADS.

The individual factors are adjusted a little every year. That’s why the Aim Assist always feels a little different from CoD title to CoD title. It’s possible that snipers are so strong this year because of the aim assist.

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Which settings should I use? If you are on the controller, you should definitely use the aim assist. It’s no guarantee of being good, but it will help your marksmanship immensely if you know how to use it properly – for example when sniping with a controller.

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Use the following settings:

  • Advanced controller settings

If you’re having trouble aiming and find that Aim Assist is working against your playstyle, try other Aim Response Curves: Linear and Dynamic also have their fans.

With the release of Warzone 2.0 at the latest, discussions about crossplay and aim assist should boil up again. Aim assist was already a controversial topic in the first free Battle Royale and has been discussed for years.

Accordingly, we also want to hear your opinion on the subject. How would you balance the pros and cons of different input devices? Or is crossplay the problem? Leave a comment on the topic.

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