Cosplay of Wednesday from Addams Family celebrates horror Halloween

Spooky Season: The Best Current Halloween Cosplays

If something thematically outstanding to Today’s Halloween Festival fits, then it should probably be the Addams Family. The artist probably thought so too Mia Maxfield thought and without further ado a costume from the girl Wednesday manufactured. At the same time, it serves very well to pass the remaining waiting time until the Netflix series of the same name is about to start.

Wednesday exudes a Halloween atmosphere

Incidentally, the artist not only has a photo of her Wednesday costume published, but also at a suitable video made available. This is a kind of making of, which shows you exactly how her cosplay came about. It ranges from the initial idea to the individual work steps, which by the way commercial paper plays a crucial role. Mia Maxfield also shows how to style her hair for Wednesday distinctive braids braid and apply make-up that is as authentic as possible.

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Despite the rather simple means, the result is quite impressive. Especially considering that it is the first cosplay by this artist is. We may see more of her soon.

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Creepy cosplays give you goosebumps

At this point we want to introduce you to some more cosplays, today’s Halloween theme definitely do justice to you and one or the other shivers down your spine should drift.