Diablo: Even after 12 days, 5 hours of secret gameplay is still online – tens of thousands have seen it


With Diablo 4, Blizzard just can’t get a gameplay leak from the beta online. Since the evening of October 19th about 5 hours of gameplay can be seen on a French filesharing site. The gameplay is still online. With Russian and Chinese interface menus, users show what is actually strictly confidential material.

What’s going on in Diablo 4?

  • Apparently, a closed beta for Blizzard’s new Diablo has been running for a few weeks.
  • Nobody is allowed to talk about this beta in public, the participants have probably signed an NDA.
  • But since 19.10. is a leak of about 5 hours of gameplay online and Blizzard either can’t get rid of it or doesn’t even have it on their radar yet.

First beta testers can probably already play Diablo 4 – breaking their confidentiality to praise the game

Leak to Diablo 4 has already generated almost 50,000 downloads

What is this gameplay? The gameplay is on the gofile.io website and includes 4.8 gigabytes of data: there are 4 videos titled “Diablo 4 Beta Live” (via gofile.io).

It’s raw gameplay without big cuts: the interface has Chinese and Russian characters.

According to the site, one of the files has already been downloaded over 18,000 times — it’s not known how many times the video has been viewed live on the site. In total, the gameplay leaks are said to have been downloaded more than 48,000 times.

What is the problem? VOn other sources such as Twitter, Twitch or YouTube, Blizzard can easily delete this content via copyright strike. At reddit, moderators are out to remove leaked gameplay.

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But Gofile-io is, according to its own statements, a “free and anonymous platform for sharing data”.

According to the conditions of the websites, although the uploaded material is actually against the guidelines (via gofile.io). The company is based in France – but for some reason Blizzard doesn’t seem to have taken action against the leak yet.

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How is gameplay discussed? In general, Diablo 4 is currently being praised. A user who viewed the gameplay says (via reddit):

  • The fight feels good – the animations and the sound are strong
  • The game is difficult – Diablo 4 apparently offers a good balance, players have enough time to react
  • The new Paragon system looks good

However, the user also criticizes that the skill system’s damage is based on the weapons and that there are no rune words.

In addition, it often looks as if so many rare items are dropping that players don’t even pick them up.

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