Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fans want microtransactions – voluntarily!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fans want microtransactions - voluntarily!

Microtransactions in video games have become more and more standard in recent years. Whether it’s skins in titles like Fortnite or League of Legends, new players in FIFA Ultimate Team or small advantages in mobile games – In-Game Purchases now it comes in many forms. What is unusual, however, is that a community wants to have some microtransactions in the game – completely voluntarily. That’s exactly what happens with fans of Disney Dreamlight Valley the case. You finally want moonstones able to buy.

What are the moonstones for?

Like many other games, Gameloft’s project has one premium currency. These are the moonstones that are used to unlock special items. At the moment, however, they can only go through Quests or the Battle Pass to be collected. There is not (yet) a faster way to get the moonstones. So if you don’t have the time to complete all missions, you have to do without exclusive items in the game.

Disappointed fans on the Reddit forum

And because there’s no way to buy the moonstones for real money, some players will be left disappointed because they can’t purchase the item they want. in the Reddit forum a small group of fans has commented on the topic. Sooner or later there will also be moonstones in the in-game shop. At least that’s what it says on the official website. The title is currently in the Early Access Period.

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