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When is Warzone 2 coming? Call of Duty’s new BR will start in 2023, shortly after MW2. This is how you prepare for the release and all the important times.

Santa Monica, California – For Call of Duty, 2022 is game-changing. After a disappointing last year with CoD Vanguard and declining popularity of Warzone, Activision wants to turn things around. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, which bears the title Warzone 2.0, are in the starting blocks for this. But when is Warzone 2 coming? What platforms will it be playable on? When does the download start? And how much disk space do you need for the game? We’ll tell you.

name of the game Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0
release November 16, 2022
Publishers Activision
Row Call of Duty
developer Infinity Ward
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
genre First person multiplayer online shooter, battle royale
business model Free to play

When is Warzone 2 coming? Released shortly after Modern Warfare 2

When will Warzone 2 be released? Warzone 2 will be released on November 16, 2022. Activision’s new Battle Royale will appear almost two and a half weeks after the worldwide launch of Modern Warfare 2. In another article we summarized all the changes in Warzone 2 for you.

  • Release of Warzone 2: November 16, 2022

When can Warzone 2 be downloaded? It is not yet known whether there will be a preload for Warzone 2. Also the download size is not clear yet. However, Warzone 2 will run independently of Modern Warfare 2. So you probably don’t have to create 100 GB of space on your hard drives. However, the two games are still seamlessly connected, so you can switch between them without having to close a game. By the way, a new game mode has been announced: DMZ is supposed to be part of Warzone 2 and reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov.

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When is Warzone 2 coming? All information about the release at a glance © Activision (Montage)

What platforms will Warzone 2 be released for? Warzone 2 will be released for all major platforms. So you can play the new Battle Royale on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC as soon as it is released. The extent to which the versions for the old and new consoles differ has not yet been revealed. According to a leak, however, all consoles should have a FOV slider in Warzone 2.

Prepare before release: With Modern Warfare 2 you can prepare yourself perfectly for the Battle Royale. We’ll tell you what you have to do: 5 tips on how to prepare yourself perfectly for Warzone 2. You can get a big advantage in Warzone 1, the MW2 campaign and the new multiplayer when it starts on November 16th.